About us

The hospital, being a regional healthcare institution, guarantees high-quality patient care.
The association of the 1st City Clinical Hospital includes a hospital and four polyclinics, one medical outpatient clinic, two departments of a general practitioner and two FAPs.
The hospital belongs to multidisciplinary hospitals and is located in 10 buildings in the hospital park.
In the surgical and therapeutic departments, planned and emergency medical care is received by residents of service areas of polyclinics No. 1, No. 5, No. 6, No. 10, residents of the village of Novo-Talitsy and the Ivanovo district.
Residents of the city of Ivanovo and the Ivanovo region are hospitalized in the infectious wards.

Parizhskoy Kommuni st, 5, Ivanovo city, Ivanovskiy region, 153003
E-mail addresses
Hospital Reference (Pass Office)
tel 8 (4932) 90-20-30
Chief doctor of the hospital
Chikin Andrey Nikolaevich

tel 8 (4932) 38-39-72
mob +79203603966